Automated accounts payable

Automated accounts payable

Boost your company’s financial performance and streamline all incoming invoice processing from start to finish. This end-to-end solution automates the processing, approval, payment and archiving of all purchase invoices.

Why choose automated accounts payable?

Discover how this solution will enhance your business.

Ultra fast invoice processing with automated data recognition and capture.

Enhance your financial management with real-time data access

Reduce administrative costs up to 75% through automation.

Improve supplier relationships through fast and precise processing.

Ensure legal compliance with transparent audit trails and legal archiving.

Minimize the risk of document loss and user error.

Streamline your invoice handling.

Centralize all incoming invoices from multiple channels (mail, e-mail, Peppol…) and in different formats (Word, PDF, XML…) into one comprehensive platform, providing a clear and insightful overview of your information. The application is fully tailored to your internal operations and approval flows and ensures the swift processing of all incoming invoices.


Intelligent invoice automation

Through the power of advanced data recognition software, all essential invoice information is automatically captured and integrated in the correct software, application or digital workflow. Automatic 3-way matching facilitates speedy invoice approvals and customisable notifications ensure your team stays ahead of important deadlines.

Enhanced financial efficiency

Real-time reporting ensures you always have the latest financial data at your fingertips, allowing for precise control over payment timelines. This results in rapid, efficient decision-making, improved risk management, an optimal cashflow and solid supplier relationships. Empower yourself to respond effectively to changing circumstances.

Swift and seamless set-up

Experience a fast and straightforward set-up without the need for additional infrastructure. We guarantee a seamless integration with all your existing systems and software, along with an accessible training for all users. The user friendly dashboard with intuitive navigation lets your entire team dive in quickly.

Advanced security

Our solutions are equipped with robust security measures ensuring the integrity of all your financial processes. Advanced authorisation management allows you to precisely define which users have access to specific functions and data.

Effortless compliance

You gain access to real-time insights into invoice status and histories, together with a transparent audit trail for each invoice. Additionally, you can opt for Arco’s legal archive to securely store all invoicing records in compliance with all relevant legislation.

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