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Data recognition and processing

Data recognition and processing

Streamline your business processes and cut down on workload by automating data entry tasks. This solution efficiently scans, captures and organises diverse file types and formats, allowing you to seamlessly integrate data into automated workflows.

Why choose Data Recognition and Processing?

Manual and time-consuming data entry is a thing of the past. This solution effortlessly scans and recognises all types of files and converts them into structured data that you can easily integrate into all your business processes.

Boost your efficiency by automating manual tasks.

Integrate data into automated workflows.

Reduce administrative costs up to 75%.

Easy procedure and user friendly dashboard.

For all types of files such as invoices, images, orders…

Trust on reliable data and minimize user errors.

Intelligent data capture

Our software scans, captures and organises all data and then seamlessly routes it to the appropriate department, application, software or workflow. Eliminate manual data entry tasks and operate fully automated in the cloud environment. This not only saves considerable time, but ensures faster processing and dependable data.


The power of artificial intelligence

Intelligent OCR technology captures all essential data regardless of the file format (XML, PDF, Word, web forms…) and channel (email, web form, mail…). Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, this software continuously improves.

Quality assurance and validation

Our software achieves a recognition rate of 85% which increases up to a staggering 99.7% after human validation. This even applies to complex documents, images or videos. Either you enlist Arco’s experienced operators for validation, or you leave it to your own team.

Swift and seamless setup

Experience a fast and straightforward set-up without the need for additional infrastructure. We guarantee a seamless integration with all your existing systems and software, along with an accessible training for all users. The user friendly dashboard with intuitive navigation lets your entire team dive in quickly.

E-mail Automation

Facing a constant stream of daily e-mails? Our solution automatically captures, processes and routes email and attachments to the right application or department.

Streamline all your financial workflows

Manually processing large volumes of invoices is a time-consuming task and often prone to human error. Arco offers advanced end-to-end solutions that automate, simplify and speed up all financial business processes.