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Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Arco empowers businesses to digitalise their entire P2P process with ease. Streamline order generation, automate all invoice processing, organise flexible approval flows, implement automatic 3-way matching and easily manage payments. Teaming up with a single digital partner simplifies operations, giving you full control and visibility across all your financial activities.


Does your company’s procurement process seem needlessly complex? Arco’s E-procurement solution streamlines the entire ordering process, from initial quotes to payments, into one clear and user-friendly platform. You can centralise all orders, get real-time insights into order statuses, set up flexible approval workflows and easily manage budgets. Advanced automation minimises errors, eases the administrative workload and will strengthen the relationship with your suppliers.

Automated Accounts Payable

This solution scans, captures, sorts and processes all incoming invoicing automatically. This way, you can swiftly handle large volumes of invoices, minimise the risk of errors and drastically reduce the time you spend on administration. The software is incredibly user-friendly, provides real-time insights and flexible approval flows and is customised to align with your business operations. As an added bonus, it allows you to strengthen supplier relationships, while ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

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