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High admin workload impacts both the quality of patient care and the well-being of healthcare providers. Arco eases this pressure by automating and simplifying case management, communication and invoicing, while ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

Total solutions tailored for healthcare providers

The healthcare industry urgently needs more patient-centred care, reduced work pressure and efficient administration, without compromising on quality. Arco builds digital solutions that are specifically designed to simplify the administrative tasks of healthcare providers. Digitalisation is an effective tool to reduce costs and reclaim more time, while putting people back at the centre of healthcare.

How can we help you?

Expert in e-invoicing

A growing number of healthcare providers are switching to e-invoicing in partnership with Arco. As a pioneer in e-invoicing, we guarantee a seamless and sustainable transition, fast activation and accessible training. Arco is a certified Peppol Access Point, providing you with access to a broad network for e-invoicing.

Paperless administration

Even in this digital era, paper invoicing still plays a significant role in our supply chains, despite it having a higher chance of human error or document loss. If your regular suppliers haven’t embraced digital or electronic invoicing yet, Arco assists you in developing a strategy and action plan so they can begin switching to digital.

Patient-centred care

Automate all outgoing communication and allow patients to select their preferred delivery method (email, web portal, or website).  By automating time-consuming tasks, you reduce stress and workload for your team which gives them the freedom to focus on what truly matters, their patients.

Invoice automation

All invoices (pharmacy, trade goods and general expenses) are automatically scanned, routed to the right approval flow and integrated in the relevant ERP, accounting or pharmacy software. Advanced automation minimises the need for manual data entry and lowers the risk of human errors.

Digital approval flows

Arco Doma generates approval workflows specifically designed for hospitals. This allows various stakeholders, such as doctor, pharmacists or administrative staff, to easily approve documents. This will significantly shorten processing times, enhance traceability and promote greater teamwork.

Efficient medical record management

Centralising and digitising medical records (both active and closed) substantially streamlines your entire administration. On top of that, all the data is continuously available for everyone, supporting healthcare providers to work together more effectively.

Advanced data protection

Both hospitals and residential care centres are responsible for safeguarding patients’ privacy and data. It’s their legal obligation to adhere to strict regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With Arco as their digital partner, healthcare providers can rest assured that all data processing and storage is carried out using advanced security measures and in full compliance with current legislation.

Ensuring healthcare continuity

Quality healthcare hinges on the effective teamwork of various institutions and healthcare providers. Sharing information across different disciplines, organisations and stakeholders is essential, but at the same time incredibly complex. Digitising and centralising offers you a real-time exchange of patient information.

Integration with ZORGI, CORiLUS and E-health

Through sustainable partnerships with leading software companies, we can ensure seamless integration of our software with all your existing systems. We want you to benefit from our digital solutions while continuing to use the software you know and trust. Forget about any hassle with an easy activation and accessible training for the entire team.

Digital tools for a simpler life

With over 30 years of experience, Arco understands the unique challenges within the health care industry. Our customised solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals. Leveraging in-depth knowledge and expertise, we craft relevant solutions that simplify your daily operations.