Automated accounts receivable

Automated accounts receivable

Future-proof your operations by automating the entire accounts receivable process. Digitalise time-consuming manual tasks and simplify the management of all outgoing invoices with a user-friendly platform with personalised settings and automated workflows.

Why choose automated accounts receivable?

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Boost customer retention and improve your service levels.

Optimise your cash flow with precise financial monitoring.

Reduce administrative costs up to 75% through automation of manual tasks.

Enhance your financial management with automated workflows and real-time data.

Comply with all legal obligations using audit trails and legal archiving.

Minimise the risk of errors, delays or document loss.

Simply efficient

Streamline the management of outstanding invoices and customer payments through a unified and user friendly platform, fully tailored to meet your operational needs. Enjoy full control over automated billing, e-invoicing and online payment options. Access real-time data for meticulous follow-up, precise reporting and punctual payments.


A quality service boost

Allow your customers to set their preference and receive invoices exactly the way they want. Whether it’s PDFs, emails or via Doccle, this solution combines all delivery channels into one clear tool. Speed up the invoicing process, ensure consistent communication and drastically lower the risk of errors and delays.

Comply with all legislation

Advanced automation ensures a consistent billing process that adheres to all relevant regulations and internal policies. With Arco as your digital partner, you’re constantly kept up to speed on the latest developments, legal requirements and privacy regulations.

Swift and seamless set-up

Experience a fast and straightforward set-up without the need for additional infrastructure. We guarantee a seamless integration with all your existing systems and software, along with an accessible training for all users. The user friendly dashboard with intuitive navigation lets your entire team dive in quickly.

Advanced security

Our software is equipped with robust security measures to effectively protect sensitive financial information. Flexible authorization management allows you to precisely define which users have access to specific functions and data.

Mandatory e-invoicing from 2026

From 2026 e-invoicing will become mandatory for all Belgian businesses. This new legislation brings both practical challenges and exciting opportunities. Arco assists companies throughout the process, ensuring an effortless transition. Our promise: no technical expertise is required!

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