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Mail management

Mail management

Stay on top of all your correspondence and efficiently manage all your incoming and outgoing communication from one central and organised platform.

Why choose intelligent mail management?

Curious about the impact on your company?

Work much faster and automate manual tasks.

Boost efficiency through automatic data recognition.

Improve teamwork and easily share data with colleagues or clients.

Enhance follow-up using real-time data and intelligent search functions.

Improved tracking with transparent processing history.

Stay on top of deadlines with automatic notifications and status updates.

Manage your mail like a pro

Centralise all your communication into one clear, user-friendly platform. All paper mail, e-mails and web forms are automatically scanned, sorted and forwarded to the right department, application or automated workflow. Intelligent search functions enable you to search by sender, subject, type or content, helping you to find exactly what you need as soon as possible.

The benefits

Swift and easy set-up

Experience a fast and straightforward set-up without the need for additional infrastructure. We guarantee a seamless integration with all your existing systems and software, along with an accessible training for all users. The user friendly dashboard with intuitive navigation lets your entire team dive in quickly.

Detailed follow-up

A transparent processing history allows you to check the status of documents at any time, ensuring easy traceability of every piece of mail. For quicker replies, you can generate automated response letters that are linked to specific types of incoming communications.

Build customer loyalty

Streamlining your communication ensures a consistent and trustworthy customer experience. Set up reminders and actions to stay on top of essential e-mails or deadlines. Or respond faster using automatically generated replies, organised by theme or department.

Archiving and workflows

Integrate specific communications into automated workflows or automatically store documents in a legal archive. By linking metadata to files, you create highly efficient and automated communication flows. Arco guides you through the entire process of developing customised communication workflows.

Maximum security

Secure your documents in various ways through flexible settings. With advanced authorisation management, you can precisely determine which users have access to specific functions and data.

Streamline all your financial workflows

Manually processing large volumes of invoices is a time-consuming task and often prone to human error. Arco offers advanced end-to-end solutions that automate, simplify and speed up all financial business processes.

Looking to cut out paper?

Paper mail continues to play an important role in business communication. Thanks to automatic data recognition software, you can seamlessly integrate physical documents in your digital workflows. Looking to advance even further? Arco is eager to help you develop a sustainable digital strategy.