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Document and workflow management

Document and workflow management

Boost your efficiency and streamle your entire document and workflow management. Easily organise, share or integrate documents into automated workflows.

Why choose document and workflow management?

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Work more efficiently with highly accessible and easy-to-share documents.

Boost your productivity with automated workflows and digital storage.

Enhanced monitoring with advanced search options and notifications.

Minimise the risk of document loss or user error.

Increase transparency with real-time insights and tracking

Ensure maximum security for all critical business information.

Streamline your business processes

Transform intricate business processes into straightforward and elegant workflows. Arco assists in designing automated workflows tailored precisely to your business operations. Use automatic notifications, status updates and project flows to track files, contracts and projects. Allocate priorities, establish deadlines or set up backup workflows.

Seamless collaboration

Centralize all your documents, files and projects into a single user-friendly platform, making it easy to organize, share, store and locate files. Arco Doma accommodates various document types (text files, spreadsheets, presentations, images…) and can easily scale up to handle millions of files. Truly exceptional and intuitive document management that grows alongside your business.


Fully customizable

Flexible settings give you the freedom to customise your document and workflow management exactly the way you want. This allows you to effortlessly share, compare, convert, export or index files. With a single click, you can add comments to files or set up automatic project reminders.

Advanced search functions

Using advanced data recognition software, you can quickly and efficiently locate what you need. Select various parameters and search by date, author, content, keywords, metadata or other criteria. You can even search within images, videos or complex datasets.

File version control and tracking

Every change that is made to files is carefully documented. This allows you to easily retrieve previous versions and check who made specific changes and when. Whether it’s minor adjustments or major revisions, our systems guarantee 100% traceability of all your documents.

Compliant and secure

Arco provides maximum security and legal compliance. The platform is equipped with advanced security measures and stringent access control, allowing only authorised individuals access to sensitive information. The system is continuously kept up-to-date with the latest legislation and privacy regulations.

Swift and simple set-up

The user friendly platform comes with an intuitive design and operates in multiple languages. Arco guarantees a fast set-up and seamless integration with all your existing systems and software. After an accessible training session, your entire team can dive right in.

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