Digital solutions for the construction industry

Digital solutions for the construction industry

Streamline your administration and financial monitoring with customised digital solutions, fully tailored for the construction sector. Realise substantial cost savings, reduce workload, optimise cashflow and enhance collaboration.

Digital solutions for smart construction

The construction industry faces several challenges: a substantial increase in invoices, complex financial management and intensive collaborations with multiple partners. Arco offers customised digital solutions to simplify and streamline all administration. From invoice automation and financial monitoring to e-invoicing and document management, Arco provides a comprehensive set of tools to fulfil all your operational needs.

How can we help you?

E-invoicing for construction

As of 2026, e-invoicing will become the new digital reality for many Belgian businesses. As a pioneer in e-invoicing, Arco guarantees a seamless transition and easy activation. On top of that, we are a certified Peppol Access Point and provide instant access to an extensive network of partners.

Invoice automation

Automating all invoice processing results in faster payments, fewer mistakes and a strong cash flow. All incoming invoices are automatically scanned and processed, leaving you free to focus on what you really want. Automated workflows send the invoices to the right department and integrate all relevant data into your existing accounting system. Finally, our system makes it simple to collaborate with temporary business associations.

Transparent invoice monitoring

All essential accounting information (including project, order and contract numbers) is automatically detected and captured. This way you have continuous access to all important data, you generate a transparent audit trail, and enable your employees to easily access and compare information to make well-informed decisions.

Paperless administration

Even in this digital era, paper invoicing still plays a significant role in our supply chains,despite it having a higher chance of human error or document loss. If your regular suppliers haven’t embraced digital or electronic invoicing yet, Arco assists you in developing a strategy and action plan so they can begin switching to digital.

Precise legal compliance

With Arco as a digital partner, you can be confident that all your administrative and financial processes comply with the applicable legislation. You can leave this entirely to us, because our team always stays informed of the new developments. This way you can fully focus on your construction expertise!

Integration with KPD and Centric

Through sustainable partnerships with leading software companies, we can ensure seamless integration of our software with all your existing systems. We want you to benefit from our digital solutions while continuing to use the software you know and trust. Forget about any hassle with an easy activation and accessible training for the entire team.

Digital tools for a simpler life

With over 30 years of experience, Arco understands the unique challenges within the construction industry. Our customised solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of construction companies. Leveraging in-depth knowledge and expertise, we craft relevant solutions that simplify your daily operations.