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Digital solutions for government organisations

Digital solutions for government organisations

Government bodies handle vast amounts of administration and information on a daily basis. Arco’s customised solutions help you reduce the workload while simultaneously ensuring accurate data and optimal service.

The power of digitalization for government organisations

Government organisations face several operational challenges, from providing extensive services to ensuring transparency and facilitating smooth data exchange. Digitalisation is a powerful response to these challenges. It enhances operational efficiency, streamlines communication and grants the public direct access to relevant information.

How can we help you?

Certified Peppol Access Point

Arco serves as the certified Peppol provider for over 75% of all cities, municipalities and hospitals in Flanders. Through Arco, you can instantly access an extensive network of partners. If you have suppliers who haven’t adopted Peppol for invoicing, we’ll develop an action plan to bring them aboard the e-invoicing journey.

Invoice automation

Eliminate all manual data entry tasks by automatically scanning and processing all invoices. Through flexible workflows, each invoice reaches the right department or person, and all essential data is directly integrated into your existing accounting system. This not only reduces the risk of errors, but it also facilitates fast approval and payment of invoices.

Legal archive

Store all your essential documentation in our legal archive, featuring advanced security measures, guaranteed legal compliance and flexible time permissions. Bid your paper archive farewell and welcome substantial space, cost and time savings.

Streamline all communication

Public administration is confronted with vast amounts of outgoing communication, ranging from tax notifications, invoices, payroll statements or general announcements. Arco centralises and automates all outgoing correspondence into a streamlined platform, resulting in a more organised communication flow, making sure you never miss a deadline again.

Boost your service

Customise all outgoing communication by offering citizens, businesses and other government organisations the ability to set their own preferences. This way, they can decide how they wish to receive their documentation – be it through e-mail, web portals or applications like Doccle or POM.

Share data in real time

Switching from paper to digital comes with many benefits: all data is accessible anytime and anywhere, you can collaborate more efficiently and respond much more promptly when needed. For instance, employees can easily work from home, parking fines can be processed instantly, and the police can respond quickly in case of emergency. There really is no limit, as any intervention or action can be instantly and interactively processed.

Smart mail management

Rather than manually sifting through your inbox, you can delegate this to intelligent OCR technology. The software will scan and organise all e-mails and attachments, then forward it to the appropriate person, department or application. To stay on top of your inbox, you can link response templates to specific e-mails.

Web portals for citizens and businesses

Web portals are an excellent way to streamline communication with all your stakeholders. People can simply log in to upload or download documents, submit applications or fill out online forms. It’s a user friendly way to ensure a consistent and optimal public service.

Automated digital workflows

Arco assists you in developing digital and automated workflows to lighten the administrative workload. Flexible workflows allow you to easily assign tasks, efficiently organise documentation, delegate in case of absence, monitor statuses and manage approvals.

Efficient document management

To ensure transparency, traceability and legal compliance you need efficient and structured information . Arco’s document and workflow management allows you to effortlessly manage files, projects and deadlines.

Collaboration with Cipal-Schaubroeck

Through sustainable partnerships with leading software companies, we can ensure seamless integration of our software with all your existing systems. We want you to benefit from our digital solutions while continuing to use the software you know and trust. Forget about any hassle with an easy activation and accessible training for the entire team.

Digital tools for a simpler life

With over 30 years of experience, Arco understands the unique challenges of government organisations. Our customised solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. Leveraging in-depth knowledge and expertise, we craft relevant solutions that simplify your daily operations.