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Financial services and insurance

Financial services and insurance

Streamline your administration, document management and client communication with Arco as your digital ally. Smart digitalisation instantly reduces the workload, increases your accuracy and ensures that you are operating in full compliance with both Belgian and European legislation.

Digital solutions for financial excellence

Financial service providers face diverse challenges: complex legislation, an increasing focus on fraud prevention and the transition to a more personalised customer service. As an established presence in the industry, Arco stands for reliable and legally compliant solutions that ensure a seamless experience for both you and your clients.

How can we help you?

Simple document organisation

Leveraging the power of OCR technology and artificial intelligence, you can automatically sort large volumes of documents based on content, structure or any other relevant criteria. This will speed up your administrative tasks significantly, while also maintaining a higher level of accuracy. The documents are then automatically routed to the relevant responsible person.

Simplify communication

Arco simplifies the daily tasks of account managers by streamlining all incoming communication. E-mails and attachments are automatically scanned, classified and linked to the the relevant accounts. Additionally, you can directly integrate all data into Brio Plus or other software packages.

Accurate data recognition

Automatically extract essential data from any type of file or document using advanced OCR technology. This allows you digitally capture invoice data, client details, dates, time and account numbers without hours of monotonous admin.

Precise legal compliance

Arco ensures that all your administrative and financial processes consistently comply with current legislation, as our team is continuously up to date with the latest developments. You can leave all the legalities to us and fully focus on your own expertise!

Advanced security

Ensuring reliable data protection is paramount for any financial or insurance specialist. Arco’s cloud-based solutions offer advanced security measures and data storage in certified Belgian data centres that comply with international OWASP standards.

Integrations with Brio Premium and Salesforce

Through sustainable partnerships with leading software companies, we can ensure seamless integration of our software with all your existing systems. We want you to benefit from our digital solutions while continuing to use the software you know and trust. Forget about any hassle with an easy activation and accessible training for the entire team.

Digital tools for a simpler life

With over 30 years of experience, Arco understands the unique challenges of financial and insurance specialists. Our customised solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. Leveraging in-depth knowledge and expertise, we craft relevant solutions that simplify your daily operations.