Digital signature

Digital signature

Our digital signature service ensures a smooth signing process, eliminating the need for physical meetings. It offers a completely paperless and real-time signing procedure that complies with all European regulations.

Why choose for digital signatures?

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Drastically reduce costs with an automated and paperless solution

Enhance collaboration through a fully customised signing process.

Ensure legitimacy and reduce the risk of fraud.

High-level security through to advanced encryption.

Legally binding digital signatures in compliance with eIDAS legislation.

Effortless signing without administrative or logistical hassle.

Smart signature solutions

With digital signatures, you can manage the time-consuming signing process remotely and in real-time, resulting in an efficient and uninterrupted experience. This solution enhances security, ensures compliance with legal requirements and eliminates the necessity for in-person meetings and logistical challenges.

The benefits

Customised signing procedure

Each business has its own way of handling the signing process. That’s why Arco Doma supports various signature workflows, giving you the flexibility to determine the signing sequence, signatory roles, expiration date and other specific rules and steps. You can choose from a range of signing methods, such as electronic signatures (e-ID), biometric signatures (using pen and tablet) or digital certificates.

Maximum security

Digital signatures come with a significantly higher level of security and authenticity compared to traditional signatures. The risk of forgery or manipulation is minimized and the validity of the signatures can be easily verified. Moreover, you get to decide how, where and for how long the signed documents need to be stored and archived.

Legal validity

Choose between advanced or qualified signatures. Advanced signatures go through a single verification process and therefore have no legal basis. In contrast, qualified signatures involve double verification (two-way authentication), making the signature legally binding.

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