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Legal compliance and Taxes

Legal compliance and Taxes

Arco guarantees complete legal compliance for all document management, archiving, communication and invoicing solutions. All our solutions adhere to ISO-standards, eIDASguidelines and GDPR requirements, and empower you to operate with complete confidence. Our team stays current with legal developments, ensuring that all our solutions align perfectly with current legislation. In collaboration with Deloitte, we offer a robust E-tax Suite that simplifies international invoicing and indirect tax compliance for businesses.

E-tax Suite

Deloitte and Arco joined forces to develop a sophisticated and comprehensive solution for the automated processing and validation of all invoicing and indirect tax processes. Our E-tax Suite brings about substantial savings in administrative costs and time, with the added benefits of assured international compliance, accurate financial reporting and a seamless transition to e-invoicing. It’s the perfect digital ally for business with global aspirations, seeking to optimise their cash flow and establish a strong financial reputation.

Digital signature

Digital signatures offer a simple way to sign contracts and agreements remotely and in real-time. Arco’s digital signing service allows you to automate the entire process and adapt it to your specific requirements. This saves you a significant amount of time and logistical hassle, while ensuring compliance with European legislation and privacy regulations.

Legal archive

Physical and paper archives have become a thing of the past. They take up a lot of space, retrieving documents is time-consuming and paper documentation degrades over time. In digital archives, you can find what you need with a single click. All documents are secure, highly accessible and meet legal requirements. Our archive supports a wide range of features, such as flexible retention periods and automatic notifications.

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