Legal archive

Legal archive

Ensure the security and integrity of valuable business information with full adherence to all current legislation. Arco’s legal archive allows seamless storage and effective management of millions of documents.

Why choose for our legal archive?

How can our legal archive benefit your company?

Eliminate your physical archive and save on costs and space

Save time by quickly locating the files you need.

Guaranteed compliance with Belgian and European legislation.

Advanced security with encryption and access control.

Lower the risk of document loss, errors and damage.

A fully scalable solution that grows with your business.

Discover the revolution in archiving

It’s about time to say goodbye to the traditional physical archive and Windows Explorer. With digital archiving in the Arco Cloud, you can efficiently archive and manage a wide variety of document types (contracts, invoices, certificates, etc.). With intelligent search functions and a user-friendly interface, all data is just one click away.

The benefits

Tailored to your exact fit

Customise archive rules to align perfectly with your business processes, procedures and internal guidelines. With flexible settings and a wide range of different functions, you can set file retention times, integrate documents into automated workflows or define specific rules for each entity.

Locked and flexible version control

Monitor and control file modifications according to your own preferences. Either secure documents with a timestamp and hash code to store them in their original form, preserving their authenticity. Alternatively, access a complete file history to identify specific changes made by individuals, supported by clear audit trails and the ability to view previous versions.

Advanced security

All documents are stored in the Arco Doma Cloud, which complies with the stringent OWASP security standards. Confidential information remains secure with controlled access management. Once documents are archived, you have the option to lock them with a hash code and timestamp, making them read-only.

Effortless compliance

Our legal archive complies with Belgian and European legislation, ISO standards and GDPR regulations. Arco globally monitors retention periods per document type and continuously stays current with local laws. This way we guarantee up-to-date and effortless archiving.

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