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About Arco

Arco is a cutting-edge software company that combines genuine commitment with dedicated spirit. As a family-owned business, we greatly value a personal approach and building authentic relationships with our clients. With us, you have a dedicated team with a strong vision at your service.

Creating peace of mind

Our mission is to empower businesses and guide them through their digital transformation journey. We believe that digitalisation grants people the freedom to focus on their expertise. Arco makes every workday a little bit easier.

The story behind Arco

Arco was founded in 1993 by Paul Van Coillie and Martin Hider, in response to the growing need for an integrated and digitised document management system in companies. From the outset Arco has focused on offering solutions that meet the rapidly changing (digital) demands of businesses. Over the years, other solutions were introduced to improve all corporate communications, business processes and other information streams. Our goal is to continue growing and evolving with two fundamental questions always in mind: How can we support businesses and their employees? How can we give back valuable time to hardworking professionals?

Meet the Arco family

Working with Arco feels like coming home to family. This means that you not only can count on our professional support, but we enjoy taking the time to get to know you on a personal level. Have you discovered our Skybox at KV Mechelen yet? Your personal account manager would love to invite you for a memorable evening of football!

Paul Van Coillie

Paul is a digital pioneer that recognised the significant need for integrated document management early in his career. Being the passionate entrepreneur he is, he co-founded Arco with Martin Hider to assist businesses with their administrative challenges. Family holds a central place in his life, which is reflected in Arco’s corporate culture.

Laura Cornette
Marketing & Account manager

With her flair for creative solutions and innovation, Laura assists clients with their digital challenges, while simultaneously pushing the ‘Arco brand’ to new frontiers. She’s a sociable, energetic and vibrant colleague who is deeply passionated with digitalisation. Outside work, when she isn’t sculpting clay, you’ll find her walking her canine companions Lola and Marta.

Tim Geerts

Our financial strategist Tim watches over Arco’s financial well-being. With over 20 years of experience, his job has become his passion, forging strong bonds with his colleagues. Often the last one to leave office parties, this devoted family man enjoys reading, travelling and supporting his football team and three athletic kids.

An Heughebaert
Office Octopus

An smoothly juggles different administrative tasks, event planning, writing newsletters and managing our website. She tackles each deadline with a smile and plays a vital role in the Arco team. In her free time, she studies herbal medicine and finds mental resilience through yoga.

Harald Van Isveldt
Chief Happiness

Harald steers his team towards exceptional customer service and takes pride in mentoring young talent. Always ready for a friendly chat, he passionately advocates for his team. On weekends, you’ll find him cycling with his kids, taking a stroll with his golden retriever or enjoying sports.

Ivan Vanhaecht
Product director

Ivan is known for delving into complex matters, which is why he is the perfect man to oversee all product management at Arco. He ensures that all new products align with the market needs and he greatly values the flexibility and creative freedom that comes with this job. Ivan is an early bird with a passion for environmental conservation and crafting ideal solutions.

Dirk Rijmenams
Account Manager

Dirk manages sales within the construction sector and thrives on intense collaboration with diverse partners. The peak of his professional happiness is providing clients with nothing less than the perfect solution. This digital multitasker also relishes sports, board games and quality time with his family.

Diane Ruysschaert
Senior Operational Account Manager

Diane is a truly spirited soul and embraces her responsibilities with a delightful blend of joie de vivre and an unwavering commitment to her clients’ interests. She enjoys the flexibility her work provides and excels at problem-solving. A warm and dedicated team member, always ready to give her best, and one who never turns down a good party or triathlon.

Ryan Van Coillie
Head Of Projects

We can always count on Ryan to successfully bring projects to fruition. His warm personality brings a vibrant energy into the office, and he’s ever willing to lend his colleagues a helping hand. When he isn’t busy diligently supporting clients, he enjoys cooking for his family or passionately cheering for his favourite football team.

Michel Verschueren
Account manager

With a wealth of experience, technical expertise and a keen problem-solving ability, Michel oversees our government projects and international collaborations. His strength lies in discovering creative solutions for new challenges. In his free time, he enjoys a good game of tennis, historical city trips and spending time with his family.