As of 2026, e-invoicing will become mandatory for all Belgian businesses. Arco smoothly guides you through this transition so you can send and receives e-invoices quickly and automatically.

What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing refers to electronically sending and receiving invoices in a standardised format. E-invoices are not digital invoices (PDFs, Word or Excel files), but rather structured XML files that adhere to European standards. The biggest advantage of e-invoicing? No more manual data entry and ultra-fast, accurate processing.

Why choose e-invoicing with Arco?

Prepare your business for the future of invoicing. Starting from 2026, Belgian companies will be required to switch to e-invoicing and the Arco team is well-prepared to help you with a smooth and stress-free transition. Simplify your invoicing journey with our user-friendly app and accessible training, and embrace all the benefits of faster and error-free invoicing that meets all legal standards.

Rapid invoice processing through automatic data verification.

Transparent audit trails and advanced security measures.

Always in compliance with the latest legislation.

Straightforward procedure, easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Drastically increase your efficiency with automated workflows.

Drive international growth and expand your network.

Your Peppol Access Point

Most e-invoices are sent via the European Peppol Network. As a certified Peppol provider, Arco guarantees seamless access to this network, allowing you to exchange e-invoices safely and efficiently with various Belgian and European partners.


Easy e-invoicing

You can rely on a fast and simple set-up without the need for additional infrastructure. Our team seamlessly integrates the e-invoicing application with all your existing systems and software. You can rely on accessible training and personal support every step of the way.

Ultra fast invoicing

Arco simplifies e-invoicing with a user-friendly application that provides you with a clear overview of all your incoming and outgoing invoices. Easily set notifications, establish deadlines or have your e-invoices automatically checked for content.

Invest in growth

E-invoicing paves the way to international growth and enables European businesses to enhance their transactions and communications. This can rapidly speed up trading, reduce costs and promote reliable global partnerships.

Effortless compliance

You can rest assured knowing you are in strict adherence to all European legislation, thanks to, automated workflows, accurate data and transparent audit trails. In addition, Arco can also take care of the safe and legal archiving of all your invoicing data.

Advanced security

Our software is equipped with robust security measures to safeguard the integrity of all your financial information. Through advanced authorization management you can determine exactly which users have access to specific functions and data.

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