Arco Legal Store

Arco Legal Store

Safely store all your essential business information in our digital archive. A fast and easy archiving system that meets Belgian and European legal requirements.

Smart functionalities

Flexible retention periods

Set retention periods per document type. Invoices are automatically stored for 10 years, in accordance with Belgian legislation.

Flexible configuration

Customise your archive to suit all of your operations and internal policies through flexible archiving settings. Our archives support various document types, including invoices, contracts, certificates and many more.

User friendly

Get started on the right foot, thanks to easy-to-use setup and a intuitive interface. Easily configure multiple languages and set up automatic reminders.

Comprehensive features

Our digital archive is equipped with many useful features: advanced search options, automatic notifications, status updates, flexible permissions, adjustable security settings, customisable workflows and automatic removal.

Document locking

To safeguard the integrity and authenticity of important documents they can be locked with hash code and timestamp.

Audit trail

In the case of unlocked documents, all changes are automatically recorded, and all versions are stored, ensuring complete transparency and traceability.

Seamless integration

Arco guarantees flawless integration with all existing workflows, systems and software (ERP, CRM, OPS…) without the need for new infrastructure.

Cloud-based archive

Arco Legal Store is a fully scalable solution, accommodating any number of users or cloud storage requirements. Suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Effortless compliance & advanced security

Arco ensures peace of mind. All our software and applications comply with Belgian and European legislation, ISO standards, eIDAS and GDPR requirements. We safeguard your valuable business information through data storage in Arco Doma. Our cloud meets the international OWASP standards.

You are in safe hands

You can count on our team to provide extensive support, from the initial setup to ongoing assistance. As your single point of contact, your personal account manager is always available to provide personalised advice and in-depth follow-up. Our helpdesk will happily assist with any urgent problems or questions.

Architect of your digital transformation.

Embrace the freedom to digitalise and automate exactly the way you want to. Our modular solutions come with unparalleled flexibility. You set the course, Arco handles the rest.