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Arco Recognition

Arco Recognition

Save substantial amounts of time with automatic data recognition and processing. Versatile technology for different document types, powered by intelligent OCR technology and machine learning.

Smart functionalities

99,7% accuracy

Arco Recognition achieves an impressive accuracy of 99.7% after human validation. The advanced OCR technology is powered by artificial intelligence and machine-based learning, continuously improving itself by learning from each new dataset.

Universal data recognition

This cutting-edge technology recognises complex information and converts it into structured data. It works for any type of file, including images, videos or documents with unknown layouts.

Automatic classification

The software efficiently categorises files and directs them to the right department, workflow or application. This allows you to process vast quantities of information in the blink of an eye.

Ultra fast recognition

Arco Recognition handles an average of 700,000 documents per hour. All digital files are automatically opened and processed with only the manual scanning of paper documents remaining.

Quality assurance

To safeguard superior quality, all data is validated by human operators. This additional quality control can be done by your own team, or you can leave it up to the experienced Arco operators.

Invoice automation

Designed for ultra fast invoice processing, the software automatically and accurately integrates invoice data into accounting software, like Arco Invoice or SAP.

User friendly

The online portal operates smoothly and intuitively like a mobile app and is available in multiple languages. Simply store and retrieve all your documents anytime, anywhere.

Seamless integration

Arco guarantees flawless integration with all existing workflows, systems and software (ERP, CRM, OPS…) without the need for new infrastructure. Choose between cloud-based or on-site installation.

Automatic case file management

Arco Recognition is a useful tool for navigating complex case files. With a pre-defined checklist, you can easily verify if all required documents are present and if all necessary data is accurate.

Capture as a Service (CaaS)

Arco loves flexibility. That’s why you can choose to install and use Arco Recognition on-site and let your own team handle things. Or simplify things even further by opting for Arco’s convenient service package.

Document processing completed within 24 hours

Additional quality control by experienced Arco operators

Fully integrated into the Arco Cloud

Lower IT maintenance costs and fast activation

Effortless compliance & advanced security

Arco ensures peace of mind. All our software and applications comply with Belgian and European legislation, ISO standards, eIDAS and GDPR requirements. We safeguard your valuable business information through data storage in Arco Doma. Our cloud meets the international OWASP standards.

You are in safe hands

You can count on our team to provide extensive support, from the initial setup to ongoing assistance. As your single point of contact, your personal account manager is always available to provide personalised advice and in-depth follow-up. Our helpdesk will happily assist with any urgent problems or questions.

Architect of your digital transformation.

Embrace the freedom to digitalise and automate exactly the way you want to. Our modular solutions come with unparalleled flexibility. You set the course, Arco handles the rest.